We are getting ready for planting

We are getting ready for the first planting action. A lot has changed since we started. Our initial idea was to plant the trees two times a year in the periods that are the best for the trees. But, we had some feedback that some people  are willing to participate in the  planting while they go hiking. In order to accommodate this and align with the existing planting strategy we made some improvements and changed our concepts.

Making container tree seedlings

In order to be able to plant trees throughout the year we decided to convert  the tree seedlings into container seedlings. This way each seedling has its own soil and it will be planted with that soil. We use our own produced vermi compost which is rich with minerals that are needed for the tree to grow faster. This change adds some overhead in the production of seedlings but gives tremendous flexibility for the organization of planting actions. Now with the container seedlings planting through all year seasons is possible.

Mitko preparing container seedlings

Adding various species of trees

In this period we started working on the bureaucracy that we need to fulfill in order to be able to plant trees. This affected the species of trees that we are going to plant. We are adding multiple species of trees. Most of the trees in the first action will be black locust in accordance to the http://www.mkdsumi.com.mk/ plan for planting. We also have Judas tree and Red maple that we are going to plant in urban areas. We do have some walnut seedlings, this will be donated to people which want to plant in their yards or fields.

Various tree seedlings
Various tree seedlings

Next planting action

With the latest improvements and changes we are setting 500 trees as a limit to organize a planting action. Each 500 trees we are going to organize a planting action. Subscribe yourself to our newsletter or follow us on facebook, twitter or instagram in order get notified about the location and time where the planting action will take place. Everyone can come, join us and help the planting. Our first action will take place in March. We will provide the exact details in the following weeks.

We wish to plant as much as trees as possible, so please share Treebanks with your friends and do not forget us the next time you travel.

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