Lets fight CO2 together, lets plant millions of trees

Plant millions of trees sounds a bit over ambitious? How we we are going to do that? Simply said, with your help. The answer lays between your next trip and our website. Lets give a bit of background.

Two years old paulownia
Two years old paulownia

The background of treebanks.com

My name is Mihail I have been working as a software developer for the past 6 years, various projects has gone through my hands. In the last few years I touched base with the travel industry and had the chance to know how it works. As part of wheninx.com team I attended Madeira Startup Retreat and there I got acquainted with Personal travels CEO with whom now we work on LiveMusicTravel which helps growing aspiring musicians. There is also Reiseuhu whose iOS application I have built and maintain for three years. 

Mihail at Belgrade Venture forum
Mihail at Belgrade Venture forum

On the other hand my father Mitko is an agricultural engineer and has been in ecology for whole of his life, at one point he was responsible for the ecology of the mine Bucim in my hometown, Radovish. He has been producing vermicompost for more then 20 years. Recently he started producing paulownia tree seedlings as part of his many agricultural projects. Paulownia is a tree species which absorbs 10 times more CO2, necessary for its metabolism, than any other tree species, releasing large quantities of O2 through photosynthesis.

Small paulownia seedling
Small paulownia seedling

How Treebanks was born


For a while we thought how combine my startup knowledge and my father’s ecology background to create something to help the world pollution. This June I saw this Chris Sacca tweet:

CO2 in the atmosphere reached highest level in history. This event inspired me to dig dipper into this subject. We went through various ideas. Applying for EU grants to plant trees, creating investment fund that will be based on trees, commercially selling tree seedlings, etc. All the ideas were either to complex or were not feasible at all.

Then one day I came to an idea to create a bank of trees, each bank would have million trees. The main problem was how to achieve this?
We have the seedling produce, at the moment we can produce 10k trees per year, which we have a plan to scale up to one million per year in the following three years. But yet we were not able to do this by ourselves. This October with LiveMusicTravel I attended Soft-landing, Berlin where I saw how affiliate partnership canoe used in different ways, and that is how http://www.treebanks.com was born, I registered the domain that night and started developing the idea.

Paulownia trees one year growth
Paulownia trees on year growth


What are Treebanks goals

This leads to you and your help. Treebanks is a simple but powerful concept which utilizes help from the crowd to plant trees. It is simple! You book your trip and we plant a tree fo free. For every booking made with our partners we get commission which we are going to use to plant a tree. You just need to select a partner logo and place your booking. So far we have partnered with booking.com, kiwi.com, agoda.com. A simple concept so you can have an impact on the high atmosphere CO2 levels.

Our goal is to plant million trees, document the whole process and create a framework that can be applied to different locations. Each year there will be two planting actions, one in spring and one in winter. With this we maximizing our planting success rate. We will start to prepare the next seedlings batch in January 2019 so it will be ready for spring. In the meantime spread the word our concept and do not forget us when your booking your trip.

You book your trip and we plant a tree for free.

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